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The core of United Sight is the collaborative vision of learning. This is the cohesive force that keeps the group strong.
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Working cohesively as a group today, will benefit thousands of future patients tomorrow and for many years to come.
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United Sight members are located across the US and distribute tissue both nationally and internationally.

Our members


Florida Lions Eye Bank Logo
Hawai'i Lions Eye Bank & Makana Foundation Logo
Idaho Lions Eye Bank Logo
Kansas Eye Bank & Cornea Research Center Logo
Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska
Lions Medical Eye Bank and Research Center of Eastern Virginia Logo
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  • 800-EYE-BANK
  • 858-694-0400
  • 504-891-3937
  • 800-444-7479
  • 720-848-3937
  • 316-260-8220
  • 402-559-4039
  • 808-536-7416
  • Hawai’i Lions Eye Bank
    & Makana Foundation
  • 405 N Kuakini St
  • Suite 801
  • Honolulu, HI 96817
  • http://www.hlebmf.org
  • 800-546-6889
  • 865-305-9625
  • 305-482-4322
  • 314-735-8233
  • 314-735-8200 (24-hour)
  • Mid-America Transplant Services
  • 1110 Highlands Plaza Drive East
  • Suite 100
  • St. Louis, MO 63110
  • http://www.mts-stl.org
  • 757-388-2020

How we help

Jeff Penta Avatar
United Sight’s core of transparency, collaboration, sharing and commitment has allowed US to learn from each other and advance our goal of serving the unserved; those in need of the Gift of Sight.
Bess Beliveaux Avatar
Closely resembling early eye banks through their willingness to share knowledge and help each other provide donor tissues where needed; United Sight Eye Banks pledge to “serve the unserved”. This dedication allows each of US to maximize our impact on the mission of sight preservation and restoration.
Ed Jacobs Avatar
United Sight member eye banks don’t compete; we collaborate. This results in an improved collective ability to provide unparalleled service.