About US

We are a group of independent eye banks that believe we can help reduce global blindness in an environment of cooperation thru promoting the free exchange of ideas and information. By simply sharing resources, knowledge and creating networking opportunities, we empower ourselves and eye banks throughout the world. We believe collectively we can learn from and help other non-profit organizations like ourselves grow and develop. Furthermore, by uniting with one voice we aspire to bring forth positive change within the world’s eye banking systems in order to serve the unserved, thus reducing global blindness through corneal transplantation.


United Sight has one golden rule: Openly share.

In the summer of 2005, a small group of independent eye banks got together on a conference call to discuss various topics in the eye banking profession. Since that first conversation, United Sight has blossomed into a motivated partnership of education and support. In addition, United Sight has established a successful nationwide group purchasing program and hosts several educational events and meetings each year.

At the core of United Sight is the combined vision of learning. This is the cohesive force that keeps the group strong. Sharing what each eye bank is doing to help others in need, will in turn help each member contribute more of themselves to providing the Gift of Sight.

Our Commitment

Quality Tissue Always Available. GUARANTEED.

United Sight members work together to fulfill all surgical requests by sharing and distributing ocular tissue. Rest assured no surgery will be cancelled due to a lack of tissue.

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